img_2742-editedI’ve been thinking about morphing quite a bit lately. Well, not me personally, but morphing one tangle into another. Thinking about it and imagining it, but not actually putting pen to tile to do it. (There seems to be too many other things that need doing these days.) However, this week’s Diva Challenge has spurred me into action. This week she has announced “Duotangle: NZeppel vs Flux.” These are two of my favorite tangles and it seemed to me they would morph together beautifully. Here is my first attempt and, I have learned my lesson, publish the first attempt or no further attempts will see the light of day. This was fun to do and I would like to do more like this – morphing these two tangles in another tile, but also trying my hand at other tangles that may naturally flow together well.

Other meanderings (as intended over the last few months). I taught a class at a local high school in September. It has been awhile since I’ve taught in a school and I have found that I really enjoyed it. Here are the tiles the students in the two classes created – I think they enjoyed it.


Central High Students of Mr. Stellmacher

Recently I taught an advanced class called “14 Shades of Gray” a technique developed by Sonya Yencer, an amazingly talented CZT. The students who were able to attend were very pleased with this technique that creates a softened tangle on one’s tile. Here is the result of that class. I hope to offer it again within the next several months.


Lastly I would like to add a gallery of fall inspiration for you.

Tangle on, my friends!