Class Info

All Classes:

  • Check “Scheduled Classes” for times and place of classes listed here
  • In the Fox Valley area
  • Learn tangles from the official list of patterns created by originators Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts
  • Material presented can be customized to meet the needs/wants of the group
  • Cost of class includes the mini kit and/or other supplies
  • Additional supplies will be available for purchase

Intro to Zentangle: Students will learn about Zentangle, the vocabulary, and learn four tangles (patterns) to create one tile. Cost is $25.00 and includes a mini kit of supplies to take you through the class and beyond.

Zentangle  101 – the Basic Class:  This is the same as an Intro class except the content is extended. Length of class is about two and a half hours. In this class students will learn about the creation of Zentangle, the “language” of this art form and learn 8 to 10 tangles (patterns) to create at least two unique tiles. A mini Zentangle kit is included in the cost of the class.

Advanced Zenangle:    Learn 6-8 new, more complicated tangles that require a higher level of concentration. Some enhancements as well as suggestions for organizing tangles will be shared. Advanced classes may include tangling on black tiles, Renaissance (tan) tiles, enhancing with shading techniques, adding color to your tangles, digging deeper into variations of one tangle or creating a special end product among other ideas always being developed. Bring your mini kit or your Zentangle kit. Prerequisite: Intro or Zentangle 101.

Tanglenhancements:  Take it to the next level with embellishments to tangles, shading tips and additional string ideas. Tiles will be provided, bring your mini kit or your Zentangle kit. Prerequisite: Intro or Zentangle 101.

Zendalas!  Tangled mandalas are called Zendalas. They are exciting to create. In this class you will learn how to create strings on the round tiles, transfer templates, and use specific tangles to create amazing Zendalas.     Prerequisite: Zentangle 101.

Host a class in your home: Can’t wait for a scheduled class to learn this cool stuff? Get some of your friends together and have a class in the comfort of your own home on the day/time that is best for you. A minimum of four students is needed. Have six paying guests and the hostess will receive a valuable gift (sound familiar?). This class will last about 3 hours. Prizes will be raffled – a fun, creative and bonding time for all. $35.00 per person (includes mini Zentangle kit)


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