Every so often I remember how much I enjoy doing Zendala tiles. A few months ago I started doing tree-like tangling on Zendalas. I framed a few for Christmas gifts but I’ve continued doing them when time allowed and now have, what I am calling, the beginning of a series.

Here are the ones that were gifted:

IMG_2998 (Edited)


IMG_2997 (Edited)IMG_2996 (Edited)


Sorry about the misalignment of these images (drives me crazy!) but I’ve attempted to get them to line up for the last 30 minutes – enough all ready! Rant over. So here are a few that I am including in my “series.”


IMG_3118 (Edited)


I’ve really enjoyed finding tangles to fit in the tree-like shaped string I used in the middle of the tile. In the past I usually used the prestrung Zendala tiles and considered the blank ones rather intimidating. It seems to me that it may be safe to say that I’ve grown artistically (after 6 years of tangling) and can now approach a blank Zendala with confidence. hooha!

Keep tangling, my friends!