Attending the Certified Zentangle® Teacher seminar in Providence, RI in October of 2011 was one of the highlights of my life. Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, the originators of the Zentangle® method of artistic, meditative expression, are so charismatic and inspiring! I am so excited to be a CZT and look forward to teaching this amazing method of self-expression and relaxation. I am currently a retired school librarian and enjoy many other interests such as reading (of course!), quilting, biking and hiking (a little balance is necessary), having coffee with friends, planning and attending sisters’ weekends, word games, jigsaw puzzles, visiting my son, daughter and grandchildren, photography, writing (weak attempts at this, sadly) and (last but certainly not least) enjoying the company of my husband.


1 thought on “About”

  1. Jessica Ott said:

    Zentangles are MY FAVORITE thing!! I have even got a few of my students hooked! Do you offer mini lessons for kids? I have an art club that might LOVE an opportunity. OR, do you have something where we could do a field trip? Thanks!

    Jess Ott

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