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Sometimes things just don’t go together, no matter how strongly you try to reason with yourself. Take the unnamed character in Green Eggs and Ham (Dr. Seuss) – he just didn’t think they would go well together – until he tried it. When I was a child, I had a very pretty dress for one of my dolls. It was a yellow net fabric with flocked red apples all over it; no other color – just the yellow background with red. It was a very dressy dress. I just couldn’t like it though because I didn’t think yellow and red went together very well. Much later in my life I had an adult friend who claimed brown and blue should not be placed alongside each other. Well, after all, it is just a matter of opinion. Apparently there is nothing wrong with green eggs and ham, yellow and red together and a blue and brown combination. I guess it’s just a matter of the degree of acceptance; what is lovely to one is dissonance to another.  That certainly is a long introduction to the Diva’s Challenge for this week. We have reached Weekly Challenge #276 which is a duo tangle of Drupe and Poke Root. When I read that my heart just sank a bit because, like the yellow and red dress, I just didn’t think those two would get along well all alone on a tile together. In spite of my reservations, I did a tile, in fact, I made myself do several titles – forcing my hand to SLOW down increasingly each time. My attempts look awkward to me and I’m not at all satisfied, but it was a good lesson to experience and I share these tiles with you to illustrate that you may not be totally pleased with the outcome, but keep in mind that, very often, it is in the process that you can benefit. Slowing down as I made each stroke made me more conscious of each line I drew – I took pleasure in putting the ink down. Here are the three tiles I enjoyed creating – perhaps they’ll look better to me in June 😉

1st attempt - pretty random Poke Root with a misshapen Drupe.

2nd tile - Drupe as an extremely large Poke Root - lol

3rd tile - shading is okay - composition is rather contrived though

Although I haven’t tried green eggs and ham, I have come to accept red and yellow as a fine duo and I’ve never thought that blue and brown looked bad together at all, but Drupe and Poke Root really didn’t work for me. I am now going to go see what wonderful tiles were created with this duo by other tanglers – I know I will be surprised and delighted!

Other goings on – I had two classes this past week. On Monday was the first class in a series of four with a Zentangle for Kids class. This is what those awesome kids did in the hour long class:

Crescent Moon and Static for the one hour class for kids.

On Tuesday evening I had a basics class called Zentangle FUNdamentals. Four people took this class as a refresher course and the following two tiles are the result of this delightful class.

Zentangle FUNdamentals class - refresher for these  6 ladies. Tangles used Hibred, Crescent Moon, Snail, and Keeko.

Second tile used Zander, Cadent, Ennies, Printemps, and Nipa.

That’s it for this week – make it a good weekend and tangle on, my friends!