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The new year has overwhelmed me and I haven’t been keeping up with the Diva’s Challenges since before the holidays. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been tangling at all, however!

First of all, I have a wonderful 2015 Tangle-A-Day Calendar that I have been striving to keep current:

image (1)

I love the feel of the pages in this calendar and the inspiration art work that Carole Ohl has included is, well, inspiring! :)Some of the illustrations include how she composes a tile – a step-out of tile composition, so to speak. Carole’s tangling is intricate and graceful and beautiful. You can order your own from a link on her blog here – Open Seed Arts.

So here is what I’ve done for the first two weeks or page spreads –

image (3)

image (5)

I’m just warming up here, folks. On the 6th, I “messed up” Crosco – so I will have to try that again. I really prefer to follow the step-outs as they are the first time I try a tangle and then mess around with tangleations. This time my Crosco is a definite tangleation (some may say mistake, but, of course, there are no mistakes in Zentangle).

When I need to play catch up, as I did for the 10th – 11th – 12th, you will see the tangles spread out and relaxing over several days. Tangles that need sprawling space in order to show well are great to use when time is not on my side – it’s really not a bad thing to have to catch up sometimes. Over these three days I’ve used Poke Root, Knightsbridge, Ing, Punzel, Inapod, and just some filler marks.

In addition, I’ve done two tiles using the featured tangle for the Facebook group Square One. Each Friday a tangle is chosen to feature on our submitted tiles. Last week was one of my favorites – ‘Nzeppel. I posted the first tile on FB, but the second one I just did for my own entertainment one evening. Truly it looks better at a distance.

image (7)Tangles used were ‘Nzeppel and Rixty.


Here I’ve used Shard, ‘Nzeppel and Tipple. All step-outs can be found at TanglePatterns.

Beside tangling for my own pleasure, I’ve been planning my new series of classes that will be held through Fox Valley Technical College at Clintonville, Appleton, and Oshkosh campuses this semester. The Oshkosh class begins in less than two weeks! Can’t wait to meet the folks who want to learn or continue with creating beautiful Zentangle tiles. The Appleton, Clintonville and the second session in Oshkosh all start the last week in March. I hope to meet and inspire many new enthusiasts through these classes.

I am also putting together a series of special classes that will be given at Atlas. Some of the ideas I’m considering are focus on botanical tangles, tangling for special days, creating Zendalas, and working on monograms as illustrated by these tiles made for me by my sister, Cari. These were done on the adorable Bijou tiles – 2″ squares. Love it!image (9)


If you have any ideas for classes that you would be interested in, please email your suggestions. Until then, consider registering for the Zentangle – Basics and Beyond at your FVTC location of your choice and . . .

Tangle on, my friends.