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UMT – Fassett by Lynn Mead

Fassett is a tangle I haven’t done for a long time and I had forgotten how much I liked it. So I thank Laura for choosing it for the first challenge of this month. I was able to do two tiles using this tangle because one night I couldn’t sleep so I did the second tile at the inhumane hour of 2 a.m. earlier this week.

The first tile turned out a bit busy but after considering it for awhile I decided it was rather party-like:

1st tile - Fassett, Knightsbridge, Flux, Mooka and Tipple

1st tile – Fassett, Knightsbridge, Flux, Mooka and Tipple

Here is the midnight hour tile – it’s a monotangle of Fassett and I think I like using the clumped triangles better than the lined up triangles. I like the star-like effect one gets when the triangles are random.

Fassett Monotangle

Fassett Monotangle

So that’s it for this week – and you can bet your favorite pen that I am congratulating myself for publishing three weeks in a row! Tangle on, my friends. 🙂