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Two weeks in a row! WhooHoo – I’m on a roll! I was able to get a good start on this Diva Challenge this week as I started it at Tangle Time Tuesday at the Menasha Public Library. Thanks to Linda, Sharon, Don, Andy, Jane, Jean and Ann for joining me there.

This challenge offered by guest blogger Jane Reiter, CZT is called the Stacked Bijou Challenge. We were to start with a Bijou tile (2″ square) and consecutively increase each larger square by 1″ ending with a 7″ square. This took more time than one would imagine, but when they are put together they create a pretty impressive sight. I think I may want to do another one.

From the outside in I used Rick’s Paradox, Poke Leaf, Akoya, Chainging, Archer and Aquafleur. (Instructions for all these tangles can be found at TanglePatterns.com) I can’t tell you why I decided to add red accents as I usually don’t add color at all. Next time I may use tan tiles for the stack and then use the black, brown and white pens – that would be cool.

IMG_0798 (1)

Time to get on with the day – tangle on, my friends!