The Diva’s Challenge, posted last Monday, had us choosing two tangles that begin with our initials. So the completed tile would be a duotangle. As Laura suggested, I went to TanglePatterns.com to look at the tangles that start with the letters “C” and “S.” Each letter has three “pages” of tangles – way too many choices. So I came up with a plan – working backwards in time I would look at the most recently posted tangles on the TanglePatterns site and use the first ones I came across that started with my two initials. The first one I came upon was Sprigs by Michele Beauchamps. Looking a little further down the line I found Chi by Cynthia Gannon. So I made my attempt at both and here it is —-

Duotangle using Sprigs and Chi








That was fun and I decided to do another one. This time I used Shard and Coaster – both tangles given to us by Carole Ohl – the links will bring you to her blog – Open Seed Arts – and the steps for doing Shard and Coaster. Carole has a list of tangles she gives directions for on the left side of her blog – some of them are my favorites.

Duotangle using Coaster and Shard



I met Carole when attending CZT Seminar #7 in October 2011. Speaking of CZT Seminar #7, Michele Beauchamp (Sprigs) was also an attendee as was Linda Farmer (TanglePatterns). Wasn’t I with incredibly inspiring artists?

I really enjoyed this challenge and will remember this the next time I need a direction to go with choosing tangles for a tile – there are many other initials I could use.

Until next time, tangle on, my friends.