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Every time I sit down to this computer to produce something I have to take a deep breath and gather every ounce of patience I can muster. So many hang-ups, slow-downs and unexpected shut-downs. It’s enough to make me want to shop for a new one – – – hmmmmm, not really! I don’t like shopping for something that I have to have – I like leisurely browsing and considering and then, walking away from the big purchase.

Okay, so on to one thing I’d like to discuss. Last week, for the 5th of the 6 classes in the Fox Valley Tech Zentangle® class that I teach, we did some Zendalas. I am going to deconstruct the prestrung Zendala we tackled. Here is the prestrung tile – it is very angular, very tri-angular, very starry shaped.

I saw Ixorus for the middle – it just called out for it – I guess it is an obvious choice, so that is how we started. Then I tried Rick’s Paradox, mainly because the tangle intrigues me, but I was disappointed in that what resulted were too many lines. A fix for that could be to fill in some of the lines in Paradox. However, another tangle was calling to me, so another Paradox was put directly across the first to help balance it out. Then in and around the split triangles I maneuvered Fife, with the spaces filled in to add some weight. Then the triangles that were left were filled in with a Hollibaugh kind of tangle that connected with the Ixorus lines. Then the areas between were filled with Tipple and Striping, that I decided not to stripe 🙂

So this is what it looks like – with the shading in place –


In spite of the Paradox, it still shows off its star-like shape. Zendalas can be very challenging – so many choices and decisions. Blank tile or prestrung? Symmetrical or not? Which tangle where? Should there be white space?  Sometimes I am up to such a challenge and sometimes I just want to tangle without all the decisions that need to be made. When it works, though, it is so satisfying.

‘Nother topic:
I wanted to share with you something I tried for the first time just yesterday. I made a button book. It was quite quick and easy to do and I have a lot of buttons, so I used a couple for this cute little book. I glued it in my journal (something like a Smash book, but one that I made) so I only have a button for the front cover, not the back cover. It looks like this –


Here it is completely open. I tangled on each page (what else?) and on the back of each page too (though I am not showing the back pages, sorry). Then I glued the last page to the page in my journal. I didn’t want it continually flopping open each time I opened my journal so I inserted a ribbon by making slits in the page. It looks like this –


and tied it like this – P1060531

It looks cute and is a nice surprise!

This page in my journal will have stuff smashed in it to represent things I’ve done this week. I can’t show it to you because the week hasn’t gone by yet, so it is a work in progress. You’ll just have to wait for it.

Zentangle class news:

The second session of a six-part series of classes through FVTC in Oshkosh begins on Wednesday, March 20th. The class is nearly full – yeah! Not too late to register though, so consider it!

Saturday, March 9 there is a Zentangle 101 class at Atlas Coffee Mill from 1:00 to 3:30. Call or email me to register. Atlas is a great place to have lunch too, but give yourself plenty of time.

Check out the Class Schedule link above to see other dates for other classes.

Tangle on, my friends.