Happy 2013 to all! Resolution #1 – actually make this a weekly updated blog! Ha!

Let’s start with my latest class which was held on Thursday (1/3/13) at Apple Blossom Books in Oshkosh. Here is the pic of the tiles made. Can you tell which was done by the ten year old?

1.3.2013 classZentangle is a great equalizer, don’t you think? These were first tiles for the four participants – Jean, Kim, Kristin, and Charlie – and they did beautiful creations. Charlie, the ten year old, had been experimenting with Zentangle before taking the class and he really likes it – I can relate! The tangles used were Snail, Cubine, Crescent Moon and Keeko. We had a little time left so we did a monotangle of Puf. It was another successful and fun class. Thank you so much for a very enjoyable evening, Jean, Kim, Kristin and Charlie.

Other news – I’ve updated my class schedule (or I will immediately after posting this) and I am adding the series of classes that I will teach at Fox Valley Technical College (Oshkosh Riverside Campus) on Wednesdays starting on January 30th. This will be a series of six classes that will progress from beginner to advanced with many very cool projects planned.  There will be two sessions during this spring semester. The first session goes from 1/30 until 3/6, then there is spring break and the second session will run for six weeks from 3/20 until 4/24. It is a very good way to get some solid Zentangle training for a very reasonable price. There will be a material charge for each meeting which will be no more than $7.00 per class. You can register online (www.fvtc.edu) or by phone (920-233-9191). The class is called Zentangle®, the catalog number is 60-301-609A, the cost is $49.58 (for six classes!!!) and you can register for either session as mentioned above. I am so looking forward to doing this series – I promise it will be fun, fun, fun! Please email me if you have any questions.

Until next Sunday – tangle on, folks.