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Recently, Rick and Maria announced in one of their newsletters, the publication of the book they have been working on for so long. It is a beautiful book that is loaded with illustrations. The book sells for $39.95 (plus tax) and can be ordered through their site or through most CZTs (like me). I will have one with me to browse through at my classes. By the way, the new dates have been posted on the “Scheduled classes” page – link is above. 

 A day doesn’t go by that I don’t practice Zentangle in some way – sometimes it is on an official tile, sometimes on an ATC-sized card, sometimes just on the outside of an outgoing envelope or in my calendar. The pleasure I get from doing tangles is not easy to explain. I don’t have to have a reason or an end product to show – it is an exercise for my confidence, my creativity and for my peace of mind.

So here are some Zentangle tiles that haven’t appeared here yet.