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My sister posted last night so in order to keep up with her, I have to dash out my own post – nice job, Cari! Go see her report HERE on her blog, Copper Country Tangles.

About a week ago we returned from the Midwest Art and Lettering Retreat in Northfield, MN where my sister and I took a class from Sandy Bartholomew. The class was called “Yoga for your Brain” – after the Zentangle book (by Sandy Steen Bartholowmew) of the same name. I was so excited when I learned that Sandy was coming to the Midwest to teach a class because I love her Zentangle books and her artwork, so it wasn’t hard to decide to sign up. It was the best class I have ever attended, ever! Cari and I were a part of a 15 member class – pictured here

and here

What a roomful of friendliness and creativity and sharing. Sandy led us in tangling, shading, printmaking, metal work, image transferring, paint resist, tangling on other objects, deconstructing tangles, mixing tangles and Zendalas. I am sure I am missing something because those four days were full, full, full! It took half the week after to recover from being immersed in so much creativity and exposed to so many ideas. My head is still reeling with things to try that I can’t wait to get started and to finish something that will embrace even a fraction of what I learned. Of course, being exposed to so many new ideas has made my want list (gadgets, materials and art supplies) grow ever longer.  Here is a slideshow of places around Carlton College as well as a few peeks at my sketchbook:

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So I will leave you with one piece of advice: