This post is so called because besides posting about this week’s challenge I also want to add on, at the end of the current business, what I had wanted to say LAST week! I hate to have any writing I have spent time on go to waste. 🙂

This week on the DIVA’S blog we have Erin Olson, who blogs HERE, as a guest challenger. I have posted a few of the dares that Erin puts out on her blog every Friday, but I haven’t gotten around to doing many of those lately. This week, as a guest of the Diva, Erin is having us complete a challenge using one of her Zendala templates. It is to bring awareness to Relay for Life.  I created this tile during the Tangle Time at MPL on Tuesday of this week. Here it is:

Challenge #81

I’ve used bits and pieces of different tangles (another reason for the title of this post). Looking from the inside and moving out I have Yinlinx (not linked), Lacey, Fescue, Beelight and Zedbra. Working in the round again was fun to do – I’ll have to do it more often. Since today is Friday, Erin @ The Bright Owl blogspot has posted Dare #17 and it looks like another fun one. Go ahead and try it – I dare ya!

Okay – going back in time – this is what I wanted to post about MI2 last week:

I wish I could say that the tiles I do are all organized by date or some other means, but it would not be true. So it was rather serendipitous that I did find two tiles where I have used Mi2 in the past. In fact, I found one done in May and one in June and now I’ve completed one in July. It could be considered “a series” if it wasn’t so accidental. J It could very well be that I’ve done more, but I don’t want to use my precious time, time, time in searching, searching, searching.

The one done in June was for the Diva’s Challenge #74 shown here. I guess I like it more now – which sometimes happens – time is kind or else I forget what my original critique of the tile was – in any case, it doesn’t look as jumbled as it did back in June.

The other tile, dated in May, was probably done for a challenge as well. I think I remember a sepia challenge and on the back of this tile I have written sepia, but I didn’t write a challenge number. I think what happened was I used what is called a sepia pen, but it looked way too dark, in my opinion. In spite of that, I did like how it turned out and here it is.


MI2 plays a very small role in this tile – I like the upward movement in the whole tile and Chainlea (on the right) is one of my very favorite tangles – created by Norma Burnell. Also used a variation of Scallops, Striping, Mooka and Archer.  I remember, after puzzling over the darkness of the ink, that I really enjoyed the creation of this one – it all seemed to flow so well. This is one of the tiles that seems to have a definite orientation.

Well, this is all I have time for this week – on my way “UP NORTH” for the weekend. You-all have a great weekend too.