Auraknot is a new official tangle first introduced by Rick and Maria in their newsletter HERE. If you went to the post you saw that they didn’t show the steps to do this, at that time, unnamed tangle. Instead, they challenged us to figure out the steps and to name it. You can read about who came up with the name and who figured out the steps HERE. When I saw the challenge in the first post, I spent, maybe, three minutes trying to figure it out. My brain began to hurt so I thought it best to leave it to someone who had the talent to “see” the how of it. I did play around with it because I wanted to use it for some art journal pages I have been working on. The journal pages are a larger format (than Zentangle tiles) and practicing big has been really helpful. (A hint to anyone who may be having difficulty with it.) Anyway, I really liked how it turned out for the art journal pages. (Small images of the pages are at the end of this post.)

 I went around Auraknot twice in both in order to have a “lane” to print the words to the Beatles song “In My Life.” I collaged pictures behind the tangle – in the first one they are generic pictures of people and places found in an article about the way things used to be. In the second one, I used my own pictures – these are the pictures you get on an index print of developed or printed pictures, so they are really tiny, but still distinguishable (not here but in person :)) Also for this one I had to split the page in order to paste it on a double page spread of a smaller paged journal. I had to split a few loved ones, but I’m sure they will understand.

The generic one is for an art journal page swap and the more personal one is for a shared art journal with my sisters. I had to stop my hand from fooling around with these pages any longer because you know how easy it is to go from “It looks good.” to “Darn!!! Why did I do that!?!” The next post will be about meeting this week’s Diva’s Challenge. (Whoa! Two posts this week, unbelievable!) P.S. Sorry about the quality and size of the images, but the light was bad, I was in too much of a hurry to fix the conditions and I don’t want to spoil the “surprise” of those receiving them. Amen.