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This challenge was met earlier this week but I haven’t had time to sit down and compose a blog post about it. I eagerly reached for a tile and a pen as this challenge is using one of my favorite tangles – Cadent. We were to use it and any tanglation/variation of it as we wished to complete this challenge. As the Diva states in the challenge, it doesn’t have to be a monotangle; one may incorporate other tangles as well.

My first attempt (and this seems to be the case time after time – big sigh) was not satisfying at all – it lacks movement, sparkle, interest – it just seems a bit flat to me. I even kept it out of my sight for several days. When I looked at it again, it was supposed to look soooo much better. Alas! It did not. Well, here it is (she offers reluctantly):

First attempt – Cadent Tanglation

So for my second try at this I wanted to evoke a merrier mood, a tanglation tease, a less cautious Cadent, a zanier zentangle . . . okay, I’ll stop. I like to use Cadent as a ribbony element, making it thicker and thinner as it makes its way across the tile. I’ve done it somewhere else, but I can’t find it at the moment – may have been an envelope I mailed. That ribbony Cadent is the part of this tile that I like the best. The borders are okay but, perhaps should be wider. I wanted a little something in the background so I added the strings of beads and I think it works because it isn’t too busy. This one looks more relaxed than the first, don’t you think? Although, to be honest, (and why wouldn’t I be at this point?) I can see that I did not pay attention to each pen line; I can see my hurriedness and I am not pleased. My own advice is most obviously ignored and, though, the “personality” of this tile is more of what I was looking for it does show less focus on my part.

2nd attempt – Challenge #75

I have no time for rambling on as I must get this to the Challenge linky machine. So, until next time, when focus will be the key, tangle on, my friends.