As The Diva explains (from Wikipedia): Eccentric circles are not perfectly circular; have an eliptical orbit and different centers. Hmmm – the string may be the most difficult part of this . . . nah! When “circles” get to be eliptical without having to be centered and even and proportional, well, isn’t that just the way it happens naturally? Or rather that happens when you are TRYING to be centered, even and proportional; when you aren’t trying that’s when things go awry. (Talk about being eliptical.) I did this challenge twice because the first tile wasn’t satisfying me. After a day or two I looked at it more kindly but the second one is my favorite.

Here is the first attempt, which looks too jumbly to me:

Drupe, MI2, Crescent Moon and Cracked

And here is the favored one :

Prestwood, Footlights, Onamato, and Flux

This one looks like a necklace to me, probably because I decided to leave the initial elipse empty. I worked from Onamato inward and added the Flux last and said, “Done!” Well, well, well, that’s two challenges in a row – I congratulate myself and hope that events line up nicely next week in order to make it three in a row. Till then, tangle on, my friends.