The Challenge has been met this week. I am anxious to post it and get it on the Diva’s linky list. This week, being the first Monday of the month, is given over to someone’s original tangle. This time the random select machine chose CZT Daved Levitan’s tangle called Bridgen – the steps are posted on Carole Ohl’s blog.

I had no idea where I was going with this when I started. Of course I began with Bridgen although I didn’t follow a string with it – I just randomly mapped it out. Then I had to decide on what else. I really love ‘Nzeppel, so I put that behind. I felt the Bridgen needed more emphasis so I blackened the circles and emphasized the lines. It still called for something so I did an aura of Bridgen around the original and set that off with the horizontal (as we look at it this way) lines. The shading really added to it and, of course, it photographed a whole lot better, so I’m okay with that.

Well, I haven’t posted for ever so long, but I’m anxious to get this one up and out to the linky machine so, so, so — I’ll write a longer, more rambling (more rambining than this one?!?!) post later – LLL.

Tangle on, my friends.