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Read the story behind the Earth/Amanda Day Challenge #67 here at I AM THE DIVA. You can also see the sample tile that Laura, the Diva, posted in the description of this challenge – it is gorgeous.

Since it is an Earth Day challenge many challenge-meeters are using a Zendala tile – the round ones, you know, and I did as well. I really love doing these, although sometimes my brain stalls because one side of me wants to rebel against symmetry and the other side (the bigger, more forceful side of me) can’t break the symmetrical shackles that have always governed my thinking in the round. So here is my answer to the challenge and, as you can see, I am slowly moving away from total balance (though it still looks a bit uptight). I used part of Golven, some Tipple and Frondous. Here’s to nurturing a free, creative spirit. Tangle on, dear friends.

Challenge #67 - Earth/Amanda Day