Erin at The Bright Owl has started a Zendala Dare. Since first doing a Zentangle in the round (Zendala), Erin has been captivated by them. She has created various templates and she will share one a week for use in the Zendala Dare. The templates can be downloaded, copied and transferred to a regular Zentangle tile, a Zendala tile or a larger format. We who rise to the dare will complete one of the formats, post it and add a link to her site. This is the first week and it also comes with a contest (the Dares won’t all have contests, btw) where one could win a tin of Zendala tiles. Erin will post a new Dare each Friday – this is going to be cool.

So here is my entry, just under the wire, well, maybe not just under the wire, since there is still maybe 27 hours left to get an entry in. So, if you’re interested, there is still time (the link is up there in the first few words of this post). Here’s my Zendala Dare – it was fun to do and I’m looking forward to more. Tangle on, folks!


With shading - Tangles used are Scrawlz, Golven, Prestwood,
Archer and a variation of Hibred (I think).