The first Monday of the month brings a challenge that incorporates someone’s original tangle – “UMT v. III” and we are using JJ LaBarbera’s Huggy Bear. This isn’t the first time I’ve used it, hmmmmm, I KNOW that I’ve used it before, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere – OH! I know where it is! It’s in my Tangle-a-Day calendar – waaay back on the 6th of January. Just did a few to get a feel for it. Okay, that mind mystery is solved. To get back to this week’s challenge – I decided not to use a string as we usually do a string. I wanted to use Sue Clark’s tangle Tri-Po as my string. I’ve been looking at Tri Po lately and wondering why I have such a problem with it. My first attempts (way back – – when? I don’t know! I won’t try to figure out that particular mind mystery) weren’t very satisfying – they just didn’t look right to me – so I inserted them into this challenge to double up the challenge for myself. I was surprised to be satisfied with the Tri-Po I drew as the string and with the variations of Huggy Bear placed within, but the whole thing wanted more, so I added Mikee Huber’s tangle, Pais, here and there, as well as some touches of Tipple. The shading helped out as well.

UMT – Huggy Bear

I had a few minutes last night so I decided to do another more light-hearted rendition for the challenge so here is my quicky tile. I used Huggy Bear, Ahh, Shattuck, Archer (Chris Gerstner) and some dangle designs picked up from Joanne Fink’s tutorial video posted at TanglePatterns. Such fun!

This week was a quiet week as far as classes go – next week will be the same, but that’s okay since I’ll have the grandkids with me and that’s a whole lot of another kind of fun! The third week of the month brings a class on Tuesday and another on Thursday so I’m looking forward to that week. The following is a picture of the tiles created at the last home class I taught. That was a lot of fun, as they tend to be. (SMILE) Thanks to Judy for hosting and to Jeanine, Sarah, Suzanne, Becky and Linda for helping to make it a fun evening.

Beautiful first tiles! Although we did two tiles, only had time for one photo.

Tangle on, folks!