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The Diva’s Weekly Challenge #64 this week is String Theory v. VIII “Fortuneteller.” We were to divide the tile into eight equal wedges (a plus sign over an X) and use that as the string. I liked this challenge and did two tiles because I thought my first one was on the dark side, but that could be because I shaded it rather darkly. With the first attempt I didn’t really try to meld one tangle into another but tried to balance the lightness and darkness of it. The wedges are looking chunky and obvious because the tangles aren’t mingled or blended at all.

First tile for Challenge #64


 I integrated more flowiness in my second tile (the computer says there is no such word as flowiness – HA! Suggested flakiness, flukiness and flutiness – hmmm, I wonder what it would suggest for flowyness . . .well, those make no sense, BUT I digress  . . . ) I think I like the second tile better because the string doesn’t stand out which I suppose contributes to the flowiness of it :). I was ever so tempted to do another tile with even more flow (flake, fluke or flute) to it but I had another type of tile waiting for me  . . . 

ZENDALAS have arrived!!! Hooray! I was really excited to try one, but then I hesitated. I hesitated for about a week – I let the idea of doing tangles in the round percolate in my brain for a while. Truth be told, I was a little intimidated by them. There are 9 prestrung designs to choose from – so that was the first decision – I closed my eyes and picked one.  Then I decided, as a special treat to myself, to use some of my favorite tangles and this is what I came up with:

Snail, Striping, Tipple and Paradox used here

Looking forward to doing more of these for sure! Happy Tangling everyone!