I’ve been squeezed for time this week as I had to prep for a class at Atlas (see photos below), meet with friends (X 3), do laundry (finally) and I have the need to post before Sunday (last possible day for a “Weekly Post”) as I’m preparing (as in packing a ton of stuff as usual) to take off on Friday for a sisters’ weekend. I also really wanted to complete the Diva’s Weekly Challenge #63 this week as it involves using the absolutely absorbing tangle titled “Fengle.” (Subscribe to the Zentangle® newsletter to get some awesome tangle news – here’s the link that includes Fengle.)

One of my dear friends celebrated a birthday this week which made me frantic to find a perfect card before seeing her at dinner on Wednesday. Suddenly I was struck with the idea to tangle a card for her. (DUH!!!) As I was enjoying this activity, thinking that it was turning out quite well, I was also wondering when I would have time to do a tile for the Challenge. It gradually dawned on me (slow thinker that I am) that since I was tangling “Fengle” all over the front of the card that I should take a picture of it and post it for the Challenge. (‘nother DUH!!) So here it is – 

Happy Birthday, Pam!

 I admit I’ve been practicing Fengle since learning of it – – – it can get away from me! 🙂

This is fun, fabulous, fantastic, flexible, fulfilling FENGLE!

Here are the pics from my latest class at Atlas Coffee Mill (I apologize for the poor quality photos – must work on that!):  


New Zentanglists Jane, Jill, Monica, Carol and Carole

Tangles - Florz, Meer, Crescent Moon and Hollibaugh - beautiful and unique!

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Tangle on my friends.