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Weekly Challenge #62: Spiral Vs Paradox

This week’s fun and provocative challenge is from fellow seminar CZT#7 attendee, Marizaan van Beek. (see Diva’s Challenge button to the right) Marizaan has challenged us to integrate spiral with the tangle Paradox. Paradox is such a fun pattern to work with because it is so simple but looks so complex. I didn’t have any trouble imagining how it would look, in fact it looked pretty darn good in my mind. However, the execution and the vision didn’t exactly sync up. It was as if the pen had a mind of its own, which sometimes can be a good thing but in this case it wasn’t. The spiral string was lost somehow in my first attempt. I really wanted Paradox to get smaller as I went up the spiral – it sort of did but I don’t see a spiral anymore at all. So just to get some spiral in it I tacked on some Snaylz Trayl and Voxter to the design. Since they are off to the side, it really didn’t reinforce that spiral/Paradox image and became too unbalanced for me. More importantly, I guess, I didn’t experience the satisfaction one should after meeting a challenge, so I tried again.

First attempt (on yellow paper)

I will only say that my second attempt has the spiral in there BUT it is so-so-so busy I am afraid it may cause migraines or, at the very least, severe eyestrain. It is so-so-so busy that I won’t post a picture of it – I am thinking of your well-being here. There was no saving this attempt due to the fact that it would require more time that I wanted to sacrifice to the mess at hand.

On my third, and more gratifying try at Challenge #62, I experienced much more satisfaction. I’ve always liked Frickle, and since it has that spiral line it was the perfect choice to begin the new design. I started with four Frickles and then inserted Paradox within and behind them. This was not done on a tile because I wanted more room to spread the spiral-like Frickle out and also because I thought I was still practicing. When I realized how much time had already gone by, I decided it would be best to call this one the answer to the challenge. I really like doing the challenges, but there are other things that must be done besides tangling. (sadly)

Second attempt - on 4.5x6.5 white cardstock

Thank you Marizaan and Laura for another wonderful challenge – I’ve had a great time meeting it (twice). 

P.S. If you haven’t already, use the Diva’s Challenge button on the right and check out how others have met this challenge. There are some very impressive and sophisticated Zentanglists out there.