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It’s the first part of March in Wisconsin and the neighbor is running his lawn mower over the backyard. I can’t imagine that there is anything there yet to mow. Although the little grasses may wake up soon as the temps will be in the 60s today and later on in the week will reach the 70s – un-be-lieve-ab-le! Today is gorgeous enough to sit outside and play jacks on the step – which is what I did, the sun hot on the back of my neck.  Then I took the pictures for this post. By the way, finding real jacks to play with was quite the task – the story is worth another post at a different time.

So the Diva’s challenge this past week was a UMT v.II (use my tangle number 2) which involved using Mariët’s tangle titled Golven. I loved Golven at first sight a few months ago. It is one of my favorites so that means that I haven’t used it much. I think I have a fear of using my favorite tangles too often (like wearing my favorite shirt too much ;)), so I make myself choose tangles that I haven’t tried yet. I guess that’s one way of approaching the decision-making process involved in Zentangle, but that self-imposed restriction doesn’t always sit well with me. As I look back over my tiles, I can’t find many that use my favorite tangles. That suggests a challenge of my own – use five of my favorite tangles. Yes, yes, I’ll do that, but I’ll do that for a different  post. This post is about Challenge #61. [Of course, I realize that I could have combined the two challenges, but, truth be told, I didn’t think of the self-imposed challenge until I was well into meeting the Diva’s current challenge. I’ve never claimed to be a fast thinker or even a deep thinker, but some very nice thoughts come through as I tangle – but, yet again, I digress.]

Back to meeting the challenge, my first tile incorporated Golven in rows – which I thought was appropriate as the word means “waves” in Dutch and waves coming to shore do so in rows, more or less. So keeping with the theme I added Snails at what could be considered the bottom of the tile and Ahh at the top. I liked it in spite of its literal makeup.

Tile 1 and tile 2

So, for the second tile I wanted to not be so literal. I started with Golven in two places and then got stuck. I tucked the tile into my travelling Zentangle kit with the thought that I could work on it when time allowed. On Saturday I attended a fund-raiser/garden talk event so while listening to the talk, I took out the tile and added stuff very randomly. I think the garden talk subject came through in the tangles that I chose to use (Poke Leaf, a variation of Verdigogh and Zander) which is one reason I decided to tuck Nightsbridge in behind Zander. This was my attempt at balancing the tangles as well as the light and dark in it.

Sunny March 2012

For good measure, here is what I’ve done in the Tangle-a-Day calendar for March so far. I should be catching up in this calendar – just a few more days and I will be caught up. My plan is to use my favorite tangles on the 8th & 9th to commemorate my son’s birthday on the 9th. Then I just have to do the 10th & 11th and voila! I am caught up! That will be done tonight while my DH is watching a movie. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll get an extra post in this coming week, since I’ve mentioned at least two other topics to post about.  Enjoy the sunshine . . .

 Till then, tangle on, my friends.