First of all, I have been very busy the last two weeks or so. I haven’t had time to do the previous two Diva challenges. I won’t get to them unless I have time to mess around in the future. I’ve resolved to look forward rather than try to catch up. Trying to catch up is too daunting.

This week the Diva’s #60 challenge is DuoTangle v.III “Cirquital/Munchin” which has turned out to be quite a challenge for me. I have tried Cirquital before and found it very awkward to do. So I practiced in my sketchbook first – as shown here.

Cirquital practice
I wasn’t satisfied with my attempts but I also realized that I could keep on practicing and not get anywhere near where I wanted to be with it. So I grabbed a tile and started in – just do it, do it, do it – don’t over think it or the results will look contrived. What I ended up with reminded me of other tiles I have done in the past – especially when using only two tangles. One tangle surrounded by the other – repeat performance –  maybe I DO need to think about it after all. Tried again. This time I switched where the tangles were placed but it ended up with one tangle surrounded by the other. In spite of trying not to repeat myself I did repeat myself. Have I any control? Sometimes I wonder. Hmmmm, no, no, no I can’t try it again; enough is enough. I really need to remember this the next time a DuoTangle Challenge is offered – the actual challenge for me will be to not repeat myself.

First attempt


Second attempt

While working with these tiles and my sketchbook and my camera, I realized that photos of my tiles look different than seeing them in hand. I like the photos better and I can’t say why. If you haven’t ever tried this, I recommend it. Take a picture of your tile and look at it that way – I can almost guarantee that it will look different to you. If you can explain why, I would be mighty glad to hear from you.

Until next time, tangle on, my friends, tangle on.


Classes in February were Fabulous! Below are some of the tiles created by some new and talented tanglers. (Classes for March can be seen on the Scheduled Classes page – link is above.)

2-16-2012 Class at Cedar Ridge


2-21-2012 Class at Atlas Coffee Mill


Staff development 2-23-2012 at Kim's


2-23-2012 Staff development at Kim's