“UMT” meaning “Use My Tangle” and the tangle we were to use was Sanibelle by Tricia Faraone. The Diva will feature a “UMT” the first Monday of every month. If you have created an original tangle, be sure to enter yours (the link to do this is at the top of her blog). An important aside! Laura Harm must be congratulated as she has just won Readers Choice Top Teaching Blog of 2011 – her blog is absolutely terrific! Please check it out!


I have used Sanibelle before, in fact, it occupies the January 23rd place in my Tangle a Day calendar. I really like this tangle and I especially like what Tricia says about it here, on Tangle Patterns – it makes me think of white beaches and crystal blue water and warm breezes – where I’d like to be right now, in fact. Check out the Diva’s site and see how others have incorporated this tangle in their Challenge entries – it’s really cool to see the creative way Sanibelle is fashioned in each.

Sanibelle on 1/23


Has this ever happened to you? I started a tile – laid a string down and then put Sanibelle in one section. Then I added another tangle that I have wanted to try – Warts and Wobbles – hmmmmm, then I added Linked – oh dear. Then, just because I like this one too, I added ‘Nzepple. I know, I know, that doesn’t make sense – it just added more busyness to a very busy tile. I kept making the wrong choices over and over again. I tried to fix it by darkening some areas and adding Nightsbridge, but it was really too late. Big sigh. How do you fix a piece that gets too busy? If you have a hint for me, please let me know. Anyway, here it is.

Not enough Sanibelle


So I had to do another one – this one features more of Sanibelle (as it should) along with a couple Frickles  and some Flux (one of the Official Tangles created by Rick and Maria – they each have a version – only taught by CZTs – like me!). This one reminds me of the bottom of the ocean. At this point, I had a “can’t stop at just two” feeling.  I really wanted to try another – one with more variation to the tangle, but I had to stop. Seriously, I could tangle the day away and get nothing else done. I am so enthralled with doing this – it’s my most favorite way of expressing myself.

More Sanibelle 🙂


I did a different creative project this past week as well. I made a “Faux Molskine Notebook” following the directions on this blog – Fine and Feathered. It only took about an hour and when it was done – I tangled on a page – what else did you expect?!? That was fun and I will probably do another someday – unless, of course, something else catches my interest  . . . Happy tangling everyone!