Way back in November (seems so long ago) I taught my first Zentangle class at the home of a friend – blogged about it here. That was a wonderful experience for me and the best and most positive way for me to begin sharing the joy of Zentangle. I look forward to doing more home classes – they are so fun and yet, relaxing.

Since then, however, I have had two Intro to Zentangle classes at Cedar Ridge Crafts & Gifts. At each of those classes there were three participants who did some amazing tangles on their tiles. Here are the pictures of their tiles (I didn’t get permission to publish names so they remain nameless but beautiful nonetheless).

Notice how unique each tile is in spite of each student learning the same tangles. In the December class I taught Printemps, Crescent Moon, Static and Keeko.

December Intro class @ Cedar Ridge

In the January class they learned Crescent Moon, Florz, Tipple and Msst. 


January Intro class @ Cedar Ridge

There are so many Official Zentangle tangles to learn that I can teach a fresh batch of tangles for many meetings to come. If you have taken a class from me, don’t hesitate to sign up for another Intro or 101 class because it isn’t likely that I would repeat what you’ve all ready learned. When registering, please let me know that you’ve attended before so I’ll prepare accordingly.
Tuesday, January 24th – that’s tomorrow – I teach my first Zentangle 101 class at Atlas Coffee Mill and Boutique in Appleton. There are a few slots available, just email or phone if you’d like to attend. You can read a description of Zentangle 101 in Class Info at top of this page.
The Classes Scheduled link has been updated and will be again later this week after arranging for a February date at Atlas – so look for that as well.