I was happy to be involved with the CZT ensemble swap – managed to mail off my contributions in time and waited with much anticipation for the remixed ensembles to be returned. I could gaze at these tiles for hours – each seems to represent a little world to me – albeit a surreal world. They will be wonderful inspirations for the participants in my future classes.

Here is the straight string ensemble – contributing CZTs – top row: Jennifer Van Pelt, Peg Farmer, Meredith Yuhas; middle row: Denyse Jones, mine, Jo-Ellen Mathews; bottom row: Susan Nutting, Laurie Doucette, and Angie Gamble. So much talent 🙂


The curved string ensemble is pictured next. Top row contributors: Bette Abdu, Denyse Jones, Ann Lynn Whiteside; middle row: Terry Hathaway, mine, Bohdanna Murynec; bottom row: Donna Hornsby, Susan Nutting, and Joyce Block. Both ensembles are very precious to me – sharing our creativity with each other helps reinforce our connections. Thanks to all.