Starting 2012 enthusiastically! Although I haven’t posted in a while, it doesn’t mean I have been idle. The busy Christmas holiday just kept me away from writing this blog, but now I’m back in the saddle again.

Alongside this post are some photos of things I have been working on – such as the CZT ensemble swap. In my exuberance I signed up for both the curved and straight line ensembles. They each consist of 9 tiles with the string drawn throughout.  The 18 tiles of the two ensembles I completed were sent away to be swapped out with other CZT offerings. As I was tangling I imagined where my tiles would go – they will be sent to CZTs throughout the country. CZTs who signed up for this swap will have a variety of tiles (and tangling styles) to show their students – it will be so inspiring. So now I am waiting for the remixed ensembles to arrive in the mail and can’t wait to see how they go together. I will, of course, take a picture and post. The best place to see them, though, would be in a class setting. Consider that. Speaking of taking pictures – Santa did not bring me the scanner of my dreams, so I must continue to snap pictures, upload to my slow computer, “fix” and crop each one and then upload them once again to my blog dashboard. This takes a goodly amount of time and I wish the “fix” would really fix each picture, but miracles are rare in the technology I have to work with. (Santa did come through with a new washer and dryer which this household was in sore need of, so I’m not surprised that the scanner wasn’t under the tree as well. One can only do so much, after all.)

I have so many items upon which to tangle and my future posts will show and talk about them. To begin, I did try a prestrung tile last week and I am pleased with how it turned out. When I first looked through a package of prestrungs I noticed that the strings didn’t cover as much area as the strings I create for myself. This made me rather reluctant to try one – such tiny tangling, thought I. Although I wasn’t used to working in such small areas, my tangles did adapt to the space and I really enjoyed the process. The results of my tangling never cease to surprise and delight me. It makes me very happy now to have prestrung tiles in my repertoire.

I couldn’t wait for January 1st to begin my Tangle*a*Day 2012 Calendar (see cover picture). However, we were entertaining on New Year’s Day so I really didn’t get to it until the second day of the New Year. What fun this is! Pictured below the cover are the first two pages of the calendar so you can see how the pages are laid out. (click on the pic to get a bigger image) So far I have tangled on the full month page along the bottom – Snail (an original tangle from Rick and Maria) and in each of the daily squares I have practiced one tangle pattern. There are so many ways to approach this calendar for Zentangle exercises and I plan on mixing it up. Suggested ways to fill in the days are listed in the beginning of the spiral bound book, for those of us whose creativity needs a jumpstart.  Carol Ohl created this calendar and it is partly illustrated with her wonderful work. Click on Carol’s name and it will take you to her blog – Open Seed Arts – where there is a link to purchase the Tangle a Day 2012 calendar OR you could call or email me and purchase one that I have and save the shipping cost. They are $18.95. I will happily deliver within 50 miles.     J

Classes are happening in January at Cedar Ridge in Neenah (an Intro class on the 17th) and Atlas Coffee Mill in Appleton (Zentangle 101 on the 24th), both are considered beginner classes so anyone can attend either or both! Please check the scheduled class link at the top of this page for more information. Email or call me to register.

Until next week, keep tangling!