Challenge #51 - FifeIn the November 17th Zentangle newsletter, we were shown Molly Hollibaugh’s new tangle, FIFE, which is now featured in the Diva’s 51st weekly challenge. My tile features Fife, surrounded by Cockles ‘n’ Mussels with a little Btl Joos on the side. As Laura (the Diva) mentions, Fife is similar to her tangle pattern, Versa (instructions posted on her blog in March). In discussing Fife in the newsletter, Rick and Maria say it is a little like Bales, as well as Tripoli. Step by step instructions for Bales and Tripoli (as well as Cockles ‘n’ Mussles and Btl Joos) can be found at (one of my most frequented websites). 🙂  So here it is Tuesday – one day after the weekly challenge is posted – and I have completed the tile, took the photo, uploaded it, inserted it and have written (am writing) about it – that is amazingly timely for me. I am taking my bows as I type, thank you very much! I have to admit to being motivated by my sister, Cari, at Copper Country Tangles, because she finished and posted her Challenge #51 tile late (for me) Monday evening. Congrats to your timeliness too, Cari! It’s so nice to have a little friendly competition. 🙂

In the title (up above) I added + Seasonal Tangling – and this is what I am referring to:

This past weekend I wasted some more precious time online looking for appropriate pictures that could ultimately be tangled on Christmas cards. This was probably the third time that I have spent time doing this activity and I absolutely hate not being able to find something that I know is out there somewhere. So perseverance proved worthwhile, in this case at least. I found the stocking, bells and tree images and created the joy one using WordArt and an alphabet that I found online as well. The images were from all over the place, so I don’t have the links to share. I did save them to word documents, arranged each image to fit on the half sheet card stock I had and printed them out. Then I had the fun of filling in the images with tangles – LOVED it! If you would like a copy of the docs, shoot me an email and I will send them to you as attachments.

P.S. Today is the very wonderful occasion of my second teaching experience. I will be teaching a short introductory class at Cedar Ridge this afternoon starting at 1:30. If you have the time and would like a thoroughly enjoyable experience, stop on by.

Happy Tangling, everyone!