At the top of my “to-do” list is get my next post on this blog – making time for this is really difficult. I am trying and trying to organize my days around a routine but so far the days defy such manipulations. My first teaching experience happens in TWO weeks – seems like plenty of time to get prepared but Thanksgiving looms large between here and there, so time collapses and technically I probably have less than a week to get ready. However, this is a home party so we’ll all be there in a relaxed and jovial mood right at the get-go. When I daydream about this I get that excited feeling in the pit of my stomach – know what I mean? It’s going to be so much fun, I can’t wait.

In light of the first class, another item on my to-do list is to practice, practice, practice on the 24″ square demonstration pad. I have yet to tackle that and make it look good (the sticking point). I have a feeling my hand will shake as I am demonstrating – oh dear, must practice! I also want to plan which four patterns to teach for the first tile. For the second tile I will let the icosahedron choose the patterns. It will also be the raffle prize at the end of the session. Speaking of ending the session, I am wondering about how to provide closure, encourage further exploration and possibly plant the seed for having additional parties with the participants – something to ponder.

Are you still with me? Remember in my last post I wrote about my feeble attempt at catching up with the Diva’s Challenges and my reassertion to get them all done? Welllll, fellow blogger and Wisconsin CZT, Diane, of StoneAngelArts has partnered up with me to realize our mutual goal. We will be supporting, encouraging and nagging each other to systematically complete the challenges. Our plan is to not only keep up with the current challenges each week but also to go back to the beginning (posted here from week one) and tangle several more. Sound plan, right? That faint voice in the back of my brain is saying things like . . .”you’re having trouble blogging on Mondays (original plan) and now you’re also thinking of timely tangling?? REALLY??” I answer myself calmly because I refuse to be baited by that faint (and growing fainter) negative voice – “Of course I can do it BECAUSE all I really want to do is tangle, tangle, tangle, so this plan is perfect – now I have to tangle – it is fulfilling a very important goal.” I’ve been planning to do this since becoming aware of the weekly challenges, but now since I’ve publicly declared it and I have to keep up with Diane, I really must get disciplined to follow through, after all, I have my honor to consider. 😉

I will be posting the current challenge here in my weekly posts and the older challenges on my Flickr site (a link will be added to the side of this site soon).  So this week’s challenge is #48 (oh dear! aren’t there 52 weeks in a year?!?)  String Theory v. VII: “Tri-Shapes” submitted by Sue Clark of TangledInkArt.

Sue also challenged us to use patterns that were new to us. My first attempt was truly a disaster – the absolute worst tile I have ever tangled – way, way too busy. So this morning, knowing the pressure was on, (not a good way to approach Zentangling, by the way) I sat down to do one I could put in this post. Here it is:

The new-to-me patterns I used were Prestwood, Fishnet, Wiskit, and Chainlette. Oh yes, I had to add a Bronx Cheer as well. Bronx Cheer is NOT new to me, I’ve had to use it way too often.

So, until next week, keep positive and keep tangling.