Yup, just as I thought – meeting the challenge is going to be a challenge for me. Here it is, Wednesday all ready and I haven’t tangled anything that would meet the Diva’s Weekly Challenge #47: “Lest We Forget.” It’s not to say that I didn’t tangle anything at all – had to tangle a gift bag –  had to tangle to get to sleep one night and had to tangle a pattern or two that looked cool and I wanted to try. It seems when I’m presented with parameters my creativity stalls. I am sure the object of each challenge is to spark creativity – I wonder why it has the opposite effect on moi? I imagine other challenge-takers eagerly opening the Diva’s posts on Monday ready to grab a tile and a pen and start expressing through cleverly positioned patterns to create in pure black and white a wonderful rendition that exhibits the nugget of genius that resides in their creative hearts. In my reality, I read the challenge and think, “Oh, cool, that’s a good one – ummm – umm – well, let’s see what others have come up with.” Click, click. “OOOHHH WOW! Yes, that’s beautiful,” I think as I open each new offering. Then I close all the windows on my computer screen and go sit quietly. I wait. I wait. Sometimes inspiration strikes. It’s not as though I’ve NEVER met one of the challenges. It’s just that it seems to take me longer to rise to it. So sometime (hopefully soon) I will have a new page at the top of this blog that is labeled “Challenges Met” and this will show my progress with meeting the 47 (and counting) challenges that have been posted so far. Is there such a thing as making a resolution in November? Oh yes, yet another example of my sluggishness. (big sigh)

On the other hand, I have added to this site – check out the info page about classes and the scheduled class page. There are more pictures on my camera that I have to upload to my computer and then post on my November Tiles page – that is such a time consuming task (oh please, Santa, put a scanner under my tree! I think my personal Santa may be working on this ;)), but I need get to that soon so my conscience quits nagging me.

Now – about meeting the newest Diva challenge – well, I’ll think of it all tomorrow – after all, tomorrow is another day. 🙂